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TX, Dallas, is home to an area where vapor isn’t tamed; it’s still wild. Staff members appear to be having a lot of fun at their workplace, but not too much fun. They know where to draw the line between enjoyment and professionalism.

About Vape Wild

E-liquid is the passion at Vape Wild while affordability is their specialty. This is probably one reason why this online company and the team are growing fast.

They get orders out the door in 24 hours most of the time, provide priority shipping and send out free liquid with every order valued at more than $15.

That’s generous, and it their customers know it. As far as quality is concerned, no corners are cut here by the team; you get what they believe is the best American e-liquid available online for the lowest prices. The prices are kept low, thanks to consistency, expertise, and excellent relationships with wholesalers.

Relationships are normally important to the folks at Vape Wild: they take pride in having the ability to say that, but also in customer service, and this is an excellent spot to work. Expect absolute satisfaction on a regular basis.

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What is American E-liquid?

Lots of vapor businesses bottle e-liquid in the United States, but it comes from other international locations. At Vape Wild they don’t compromise, selling only e-liquid bottled there in a Texas clean room and made from US ingredients. There isn’t anything in their e-liquid in terms of toxic ingredients that should give you concern.

E-liquid Categories at Vape Wild

The customary variety of groups is available from Vape Wild. Filter candy; menthol or tobacco; your hunt for flavorful e-liquid by picking desserts or fruit or beverages; or breakfast style vapes. A special heading for “Pretentious” e-liquids raises a bit of amusement and will likely snag your attention, if it hasn’t already.

These poke fun at the exceptionally complicated combinations made and sold by the likes of Five Pawns and aren’t really available for sale on the market. I imagine they respect each other tremendously and this is probably a little inside joke.

Pick a Sample Pack

One way to test out the flavors at Vape Wild without paying full price (which is not very much to begin with) would be to buy a sample pack. Select among their 3 six packs, each one priced $16.99 and featuring 60 ml, all told.

Pick the Summer pack, the Soda pack, or build your own with your own selection of nicotine and PG /VG combination, both of which will apply to every bottle.


Types of E-liquid at Vape Wild

There’s overlap in their own classifications with some flavors finding their way to menthol, tobacco, and fruit at the exact same time. That makes it appear that they have more e-liquids made by their business than they really do. The selection though is still good, and normally party favors straightforward e-liquids with two, one, or possibly three flavors combined.

The Breakfast section contains a couple of big cereals including Rice Krisps. This is, in fact, that iconic bowl of puffed rice that makes noise. Cinnamon Roll tastes like it is baked hot and good.

cerealsamplepack_product__71943-1468419975-1280-1280With Drinks, there’s one name I really enjoy: Cousins Brother’s Roommate’s Rootbeer. I guess it’s not your dad’s pop. Cherry Cola stays true to its namesake.

It’s possible to go for a little savory, sweet, or sour, as it pertains to Candy. That’s the instance with Black Jelly Beans, but Candy Cane is minty, and Bubble Pop is just sweet. Desserts like Bananaza Bread (Banana Nut Bread) and B C2 (Blueberries and Cream) join fruit with the taste of a genuine treat.

Some of the fruits seem refreshing. Blue Harvest mixes watermelon with blueberries and lemon. Banabacco is just what you imagine: banana tobacco. Vanilla and RY4 Tobacco are extremely familiar to vapers, although some of the other tobaccos are designed to taste like better versions of smokes like Lights and Wrangler.

Some of the variants that are mentholated will remind you of your standard pack of Menthol cigs. Select from 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 12 mg of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid.

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