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It seems some companies sell their e-liquid to almost any distributor that can have them. The Steam Factory isn’t one of them. This team is comprised of a husband and wife that aims to produce an e-liquid that can be vaped all day long. They focus on light vapes; nothing custard or heavy-like.

the steam factory

A Bit of Background

According to whatever sources I can find online, of which there are very few, The Steam Factory started releasing their products in 2013. They launched a line of mainly fruity flavors that summer. Vapers were used to finding fruits on the menu; these are some of the easiest to make.

What they desired and urgently needed was quality fruit-type e-liquid, not the inexpensive material that reminded them of a trip to the dentist. This was about the time vapers saw a massive increase in selection, and The Steam Factory had a lot of rivals. They held their own, though, and continue to develop new flavors really slowly. The latest is an uncommon tea-style vape.

Slow Development

The first ones were several months in the making following lots of experimentation and background checking.

Since there is very little information regarding The Steam Factory, that means we can’t see where they make their e-liquids, the states of their mixing and bottling facility, what kinds of flavors and bases they use, etc.

Saying they use just the “maximum quality ingredients” doesn’t tell us considerably. Wouldn’t you?

Flavors In The Steam Factory

Don’t get this company mixed up with others. The easiest way to make this distinction is by comparing the names of the flavors. Vulgar laughs has been opted for by the Steam Factory. Most people will laugh much of the time.

Muffcake is part cupcake, part muffin. Most people would say that muffins are lighter than cupcakes, regularly filled with nuts, whole wheat flour, and stuff like that. Cupcakes include butter, white flour, and often chocolate. It’s one and a compromise of the most used flavors.

Blue Ballz. Yes, that’s the product name. Now that we’ve addressed that topic, the product itself combines banana and blueberries for a visual joke. Screwberry is simply berry-fashion vapor, but Screwbacco is tobacco that is strawberry. Whoever Larry is, I imagine he loves an ice cream sandwich with berries. Kizmet brings the overlooked yet obvious pairing of apple and pear to us.

Get lost on a deserted isle with Castaway. Here you will find tropical fruits. The “Flavor that Never Was” is prefaced with a story about a tree so narcissistic as to generate a fruit that was stemless and to grow without neighbors. Fiction, or some sort of reference to peaches? Anyway, this peach vape includes vanilla, tea, milk, and a fruit flavor that is unique.


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