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NJOY makes a total of 10 styles of e-liquid. They’re nothing fancy, classic singles. Their e-liquids are made in the USA using ingredients in the US and other nations, but they follow Good Manufacturing Practices and use just USP ingredients. These include lactic acid, flavorings, nicotine, and their bases where essential.


Single Flavors

The smattering of simple flavor choices starts with two classics: Menthol and Classic Tobacco. These are the e-flavors that are liquid NJOY is linked with when the company got its start and which won over a host of smokers in favor of the disposable ECIG back.

They added another flavor to the duet that was disposable to make a trio: Blue Blackberry. This triggered NJOY honored by adding several designs with a fruit foundation and interest in fruit designs.

Blue Blackberry is the company’s best-seller in the non-tobacco grouping, but Wild Berry, Iced Fruit, Peach Tea, Blood Orange and Pomegranate are looking for that title too. Which do you imagine will be the winner six months from now?

Fruits are that NJOY provides. How about a Vanilla Bean or Single Malt Scotch? An iced fruit style, plus the fundamental first couple, no other American ECIG company, and e-liquid maker is catering to the man in the boardroom with his tumbler full of ice and a high-quality malt Scotch while most companies offer vanilla.

Mix and Match Packages

It’s not unusual to order a sample pack from any business selling e-liquid if they’ve enough options to make it worthwhile.

Mix the three flavors in each kit to create one of their six new combinations and customers are intended to use the instructions provided. These are Arctic Fruit, Peaches & Cream, Summer Punch, Blue Pomegranate Cooler, Blood Orange Gelato and Peach & Orange Sweet Tea.

The Cooler is made using Menthol, Pomegranate, plus Black Blueberry. Where the “blue” comes from although that’s all in your mind, that’s. You save about $6 by going this course, always a bonus.

Make your gelato with Menthol, Vanilla Bean, and Blood Orange. Menthol provides that chilly feeling plus a suggestion of mint, like in a Mojito, but not overly powerful I expect.

So you happen to be intended to appreciate a touch of something clear each of the six mixes comes with Menthol. You could also make your own mix with the inclusion of tobacco. Classic Tobacco is described here as powerful and clean. That doesn’t sound overly solid to make a Vanilla-Tobacco with a hint of fruit, possibly Peach.

Artisan E Liquid

NJOY also offers their Artists’ set. These are superior e-liquids for sophisticated vapers which should produce tremendous, aromatic clouds of vapor. Para Mour is a ridiculously complex e-liquid that will leave your taste buds very happy long after exhaling each cloud.

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