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Welcome to the award winning Element E-Liquids with fulfillment places in the UK and the United States. They’re from Florida, initially, but the UK people genuinely like Element E-Liquids too, so the company thought it made sense to add a place where orders could be fulfilled on either end of the Atlantic.

Award Winners

There are some excellent, and arguably some of the best tasting e-liquids at Element, good enough to win medals at vape shows. These flavors include Fresh Squeeze and Pink Lemonade Watermelon Frisson. This really is a good spot to start if you’re particularly interested in buying e-liquids which have gained accolades in the e-liquid community.


When you view e-liquids as a first-timer, one of the classes you should look into is “bestsellers” which lets you see what other customers like. That’s frequently a comforting way to shop. Bestselling e-liquid contains those that were previously award winners. Fresh Squeeze, as you probably figured, tastes like freshly-squeezed orange juice.

Ever wonder what it would be like to taste cake rolls, eclairs, and tiramisu in one dish? You don’t need to wait any longer: vape them, calorie free, with Element E-Liquids.


Shop Alphabetically

Select a different way when you’ve got some clue regarding what you are searching for to shop. Sort by name or price and sort forward or backwards through the alphabet. Moving from the start, you get 555 Tobacco followed by Acai and Apple, ending with Zen.

Zen is a mixture of lychee, guava, passionflower, and sweet peach. A 20-ml bottle is more than double the price, but it comes in a glass bottle with a special J-point dropper.

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E-liquids for them all

Element sells basic e-liquids, but they also have dripping liquids. Should you be using a sub ohm system, have a look at their assortment of viscous liquids for high watts and sub ohm resistance. These are precisely the same flavors, simply changed from 50/50 to 20/80. Vapers also can purchase a 60-ml flask from this series for $69. Unless it’s just about offering new flavors, I can’t see the difference between these two and Emulsions.

Nicotine Amounts

You can purchase e-liquid with or without nicotine. The ratios begin at 18 mg for recent converts to vaping accustomed to those throat hits or those not interested in quitting the use of nicotine. Otherwise, you can decrease the amount to as low as 3 milligrams per /ml.


I find the homepage a little bit squirrely. A lot is happening like a slide show, especially in the top panel which changes frequently.

About the E-liquid

Element makes their e-liquids using American ingredients in a US lab with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Which means you can trust your safety to them; vape products are regulated and inspected, and are handled in hygienic conditions. Their ingredients include American nicotine, and the end product is always pre-steeped. This means you don’t have to store your product in a dark, cool cupboard to wait for the flavors to mature.

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