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The folks behind NicQuid take acting responsibly of the utmost importance. They will have involved themselves in the fight to keep vaping legal and alive in the US while simultaneously developing a delicious line of products accessible from multiple places.

Purchase NicQuid E liquid from their site, from Smokeless Image, Alt Smoke, and various independent retailers. This brand is also accessible from some subscription e-liquid clubs.

NicQuid and AEMSA

The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) is an overseer on the inside. This is a group devoted to building a system of “responsible and sustainable standards” around e-liquid production and bottling.

Run by volunteers, AEMSA understood what was coming: FDA inspection and regulation.

Members believe it truly is right establish high standards, to regulate from within the trade body, and protect consumers while possibly protecting the business consequently. Their purview includes security, labeling, and quality of ingredients.

How does NicQuid show their AEMSA colors? They test their products using strict standards, operate from ISO Class 7 clean room that is American, and use only high-quality ingredients.

Bliss, Blast, Burst, and Mix. Additionally, they make sampler packs and high-vegetable glycerin (high-VG) variations in some flavors. These are not brand new concoctions but accommodated variants of their existing styles.

The Four B’s

Bliss e-liquids are all inspired by desserts while Bursts are menthol/mint varieties. While fruits and fruit concoctions gave the people at NicQuid concepts for Blast e-liquids, the Fusion collection includes tobacco types of e-liquid.

Normally, a 10-ml bottle is priced $7.95. They are going to offer a better cost per/ml. if consumers want to purchase larger 30 ml bottles. Another way to extend one’s purchasing power is to purchase in bulk: 5 or more 10-ml bottles, the price per bottle falls at every five-bottle increment.

Bliss Flavors

Can you see a dessert, along with the fat and calories associated with it? Bliss has you covered here, minus the fat and calories. Try Banana Nut Bread or Biscotti; Cherry on Top (uncomplicated creamy goodness) or Sinnamon (sweet Cinnamon).


Blast Fruits

An illustration of fruit beyond the basic banana or strawberry is a Strawnana Smoothie: flavorful and rich through a straw; refreshing and light as vapor. Maui is a pineapple-mango mixture, like a cocktail from the pub on a sunny seashore. Grape Escape is a sweet-style e fruit. Some are similar to crisp, ripe fruits like Peach or Strawberry. There are more candies and cocktail-like fruits too.

Explosion of Cool

Blend fruit, something sweet and Menthol to produce a chilly although sweet product option. Sinthol is a cinnamon delight that is mentholated. Southern Freeze is another example, which is a strawberry-peach smoothie with “a light freeze” according to NicQuid’s website.

nq blend collection

Tobacco Blends

Traditionalists will appreciate the down to earth flavors. If you need additional alternatives, try combining NicQuid tobaccos with one of their other e-liquid flavors like Biscotti, Apple, or Smoothol (a smooth Menthol). There are only four options in the “Blend” section.

Daybreak is sweet, a little bit nutty, with a concoction of roasted and creamy undertones and French vanilla between the layers. Gen 7 is a unique raisin-vanilla-cocoa mixture. Midnight Express is reliable and loaded while Soho is sweet and smooth.

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