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The FDA hasn’t decided what to do with e-cig companies and e-liquid manufacturers yet.

As for e-liquid, American e-cig users now vape with US-made products if their technology came from China. How will one of the country’s favored brands of e-liquid — Halo — be affected by coming laws?

Where Tracer, Triton, their G6, and Reactor devices are concerned, it’s challenging to say what will occur. Is the FDA going to restrict its concern to the current generation of vape e-liquid and products including liquids like disposable cigarette pencils and pre-filled cartridges? Just what will their judgment do to the hardware business?

Halo’s main product is gourmet merchandise coveted by vapers who simply vape the finest stuff, their e-liquid. It’s stocked on shelves where one only expects to see artisan bottles and artistic labeling, not mass produced e-liquids adapting closely to predicted FDA standards.

That is where Halo could succeed: in their proactive approach was laid down a long time ago. It meets current standards for bottling and producing any product you may consume ranging from cereal to your favorite liquid. No one knows for certain what standards the FDA will set, but Halo has measures in place that are sensible to help protect its position.halo e-liquid

Halo E-liquid Standards

Halo was started without the support of a tobacco company in 2009 in order to make sure that they haven’t been influenced by anything but their own desire to make high-quality products and create a sound reputation in the business.

Their lab in Florida is rigorously controlled and supervised by a chemist. Products aren’t released to the general public until every batch is analyzed and properly tagged with batch numbers and a “finest before” date.

Halo Purity Halo E-liquid Flavors

On their website, Halo encourages customers to personalize their search for e-liquids. They can start with tobacco, menthol, or gourmet liquid. There is also a class for high-vegetable glycerin (VG) liquids. When you really get to the tobacco section, further filters lead customers to nutty, full-bodied, earthy, sweet, fruity, moderate, and high-VG sorts plus nicotine from 0% to 2.4%.

The tobacco section is their largest with 13 alternatives like Black Calico, Captain Jack, Tribeca, Cordoba, and LongHorn. Black Calico takes its signal from Danish, Cavendish tobaccos adding vanilla but only softly: tobacco is the star.halo-purity

Belgian Cocoa, which is part of their Gourmet line, layers deep, dark chocolate with dried hot chocolate for a finish that’s discreetly rich and sweet. Shamrock requires the addition of mint that combination to an amount that is different. For a focus on menthol, attempt SubZero extra-strength menthol. Mystic is more like tar, a conventional menthol cigarette and ashes removed, needless to say.

Buying Halo E-liquid

This can be approached by Vapers from a few directions. Taking advantage of customer service and loyalty points and one is always to shop right with Halo. Another is always to seek out your preferred flavors from retailers that are authorized online or in person.

A good relationship with a vape shop might yield distinct but equally captivating loyalty rewards and great prices. V-type high-VG versions can be found for the same cost per mL in 10 and 30 ml, which offer up to 1.2% nicotine.

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