Review – Five Pawns Premium E-liquids

Where does the narrative of Five Pawns start? There was the name, inspired by the sight of bottles and drip tips set out before the makers of the e-liquid. They were reminiscent of chess pieces. The purpose of their own brand of e-liquid, nevertheless, would be more like that of the pawn as identified in their short bio and in the dictionary:

“Someone or something who is used or manipulated to further another person’s purposes. We conceived our liquid much like the ‘pawn’ [which] goes only forward and is frequently given (much like our liquid).

Five Pawns started out with five liquids each one unique in the field partly owing to their sophistication. Another line of five plus another flavor and a reserve variety that’s difficult to get your hands on have been added in recent times.

The target at Five Pawns is to serve customers, “empower individuals” to vape quality products, and support staff, investors, and customers to partner in something rewarding.

Five Pawns E-liquid – How They Make Five Pawns

The company’s E-liquid is produced in batches of 500 bottles at a time, and is mixed by hand in micro-batches. Every bottle is individually numbered. 30-ml bottles can contain from 0 up to 18 mg nicotine per/ml. The company’s second group of five were designed to represent the five basic flavors: bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and umami or savory.

Insignia Series

A sample pack from their initial series of e-liquids, 4 ml each, prices $23.50. These are Gambit, Castle Long, Grandmaster, Bowden’s Teammate, and Queenside. The name which might draw your attention right away is “Gambit.” In case you didn’t know, this is defined as a sacrificial move to be able to make gains later on – again, going back to the previously mentioned references to chess – in this case, giving up one’s pawn (in chess or in any “game”) to win the final game.

This could also be called a large risk, the sort taken by companies like Five Pawns from California who invested money and time into the development of a business they didn’t know would take off the way it’s. The threat has paid off: Five Pawns is one of the most highly-rated e-liquids.

Mixology MMXIV Series

These flavors are based on the taste profiles mentioned above, additionally take inspiration from a high-class cocktail bar where the bartender merely serves aged whiskey and bourbon that is extraordinary. Where do their names come from?

Absolute Immobilize is a chess move in which another piece and the king are locked. The king becomes vulnerable if the piece that is other moves. As a flavor, this really is a mixture of caramel, Irish Cream, and cinnamon with absinthe: unusual, to say the least.

Standards at Five Pawns

A video is available on one seller’s website revealing just how stiff the standards at Five Pawns really are. This is no counter-top operation in the rear of someone’s garage or well-scrubbed kitchen.

Five Pawns employs factory-like machines and the type of organization that guarantees the best and safest results for their customers.

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