Whether you think of a product as vape juice, e-liquid, or e-juice, you likely call it by a brand name. That’s your favored brand of e-liquid, selling what you consider to be the best vape flavors – a gourmet or organic style; fruit or menthol; tobacco or coffee. Choosing the top e-liquid labels from the dozens available now is not a straightforward undertaking.

This list breaks them up based on their flavor notes and other attributes. Check out some of the discounts or reviews denoted by the categories listed throughout this page.


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Top 10 Flavors – These are some of the most popular flavors available!

Flavor NameDescription
USA BlendsWith a musky flavor that is both bold and clean, the USA Blend will satisfy the cowboy inside of you. If the more fruity flavors don’t appeal to you, the USA Blend tastes how you would expect an e-cigarette should.
Gummi BearInspired by the ever-so-popular Gummi Bear shot, this eJuice has all the tastiness of a sweet gummi bear, all the satisfaction of the drink named after it, and not one of the hangover or calories.
Banana Nut BreadJust like mother used to make! Or perhaps even better. This rich flavor is sure to satisfy and doesn’t contain all those carbs.
Cotton Candy (Blue Raz)If you are searching for that extremely sweet taste, this is it. This exquisitely sweet e-liquid recreates the carnival treat. The BlueRasperry is the primary flavor, then the cotton candy kicks in as the aftertaste leaving Jaw Dropped on how yummy it was to you. A well made product, worth every cent!
Peach Green TeaDon’t pass up this one. Peach green tea is smooth, subtle, and will ease your spirit. This is a flavor that's perfect to vape after a lengthy day of work.
Watermelon WaveThe refreshing flavor of Watermelon Wave will have you spitting seeds. A must try for devotees of liquids that are e that are flavorful. It may remind you of watermelon jolly ranchers.
Black MambaThis cocktail-inspired e-liquid has some serious bite. This daring combination is highlighted by blackberry, cranberry, and touches of citrus.
Frozen Lime DropAnother great cocktail flavor. What makes this sour and sweet flavor “frozen” is a touch of menthol. You will love the tartness paired with the coolness.
SwaggerThis cocktail-inspired e-liquid has some serious bite. This bold mixture is highlighted by blackberry, cranberry, and touches of citrus. It has a “smoky” tobacco flavor with a sweet mixture - hard to characterize the flavor, but in case you haven't attempted it, don't hesitate.
Peach Pit TobaccoThis e-liquid is a pleasant, subtle vape you can relish in all day. A complete equilibrium of peach and tobacco flavor, this eJuice may very well become your favorite. Great as an all day vape, even if you are not a huge fan of peach flavor.

Best Hardware

NameGreat forPrice
Joyetech eGo AIOBeginners / Inexpensive$20
Source Orb 4Wax (dabs) / Oil$100
Multi-vape4 in one device (e-liquid, oil, wax, herb)$40
Vaporfi OrbitDry Herb$100
VaporFi Rebel 3High-end$120
Innokin Endura T18Quitting smoking$28
Kanger SubvodFlavor$35
Eleaf iJust2 MiniMini$35

Biggest selection – VaporFi

vaporfi e-liquid flavors

Theirs is not the very cheapest brand of e liquids but VaporFi’s 30-ml bottles for $15.99 are extremely affordable and have won awards recently at US competitions for offering some of the top vape flavors. In part, this is because they’re offer an unparalleled level of customization There really isn’t any method to narrow down their list of over 30,000 flavors except to say you should go in with an idea of what you desire whether that’s tobacco, nuts, or dessert; menthol, beverages, or candies.

Otherwise you will be there all day and that’s without inventing your own combination. VaporFi is strict about quality: that’s reassuring. In addition they make vapor juice for sub ohm systems.


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Best Menthol/Mint e-Liquid – Halo

menthol e-liquid

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Halo competes strongly in this section, but few other companies supply exactly the same quality and assortment of menthol juices. Their five flavors vary from slightly minty to full-on chill. Cool mist is pleasant and gentle, but SubZero is critically cold. Menthol Ice is chilly though approachable. Halo uses just USP ingredients packaged and combined in a safety-certified environment. This could be an award winning e-liquid line completed by numerous tobacco flavors and a few gourmet alternatives.

Best Fruit E-Liquids – NicQuid

nicquid e-liquids

NicQuid lists a series of fruity e-liquids known as Blast Fruits, some of them juicy, others sweet like candy or cocktails. Maui, a pineapple-mango mixture transports your taste buds. Like a mix of berries scooped into half a melon as you come Heartland is about as close to a fruit salad as possible. Blueberry is truly a blueberry sweet-style vape. NicQuid standards are serious. They make their e-liquids in a American facility meeting rigid security and hygiene codes using top quality ingredients, which allows them to offer some of the best vape flavors for fruit you can buy.

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Best Unique Flavors – Element


Element e-liquids has some excellent, refreshing drink flavors, including their popular Watermelon chill, and a group of others with some the best vape flavors like pink grapefruit and pink lemonade. They’ve won numerous awards from distinct vaping expos etc., particularly in the United Kingdom, and they’re rapidly making their existence known in the incredibly competitive industry in the United States.

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Best Gourmet e-Liquid – Five Pawns


This class is also referred to by Vapers as “craft” or “artisan” e-liquid: call it what you’ll. Customers will still be led to top-shelf, products that are generally expensive. Five Pawns has topped many lists and continues to create a culinary merchandise understood by the vape-world for its unique layers and relatively expensive pricing at almost $1 per/ml. Bowden’s Mate, Grand Master, and Castle Long are just some of their intricate flavors. Citadel Long tastes like a blend of bourbon, almond, and coconut sprinkled with brown sugar. A vanilla bean would be found floating just below the sugar were this a drink.

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Best Cereal: Cereal City

cereal city vapes

The name is a giveaway. You just understand that, with a name like Cereal City, there won’t be cinnamon buns or a French toast flavor on this menu. To replicate the flavor of apple-cinnamon circles plus milk and sugar, the company created Cinnapple Hoops. Perfect Circle tastes like cherries and citrus plus a malty quality which vapers will likely recognize from youth. Recall Graham-cracker flavored cereal? That’s the idea behind Insane Squares.

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Best E-liquids for Beginners: Mad Murdock

Alaska’s Mad Murdock e-liquid is available in 7 flavors. This is amazing for someone using a single-coil system that’s not made to handle the high viscosity of vegetable glycerin based e-liquids. Try Mellow Melange spiced chocolate vanilla or Pluid anise vapor juice (a departure from the norm). For an e-liquid that’s both flowery and hot, try the Maha Ras Strawberry-Cherry vape liquid. Every Mad Murdock e-liquid is unique.